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We invited Movida to chat about how we have been able to uncomplicate the challenges in the operation together, bringing a broad view of all media and transactional data and transforming the team’s everyday lives.

With our tools and solutions, we have developed a custom data automation with multiple integration, new result visualization routines and insight generation, which resulted in a gain of speed and allowed everyone involved to produce more in less time and with much more quality.

That is why we want to share our learning with you and talk about the future of marketing towards the increasingly demand and the proper data management for a quicker and more accurate decision-making

We will address subjects such as:
- Dashboards
- Data centralization


February 13, 2019



Charles Sperandio

Movida CMO

With 20 years of marketing and sales experience, he has actively worked in areas such as trade marketing and multinational marketing planning. He has been Movida CMO for 5 years.

Carlos Durão

Reamp BI Manager

He has over 8 years of digital marketing experience, with involvement in technology consulting, advertising agencies and large online retailers. He has participated in projects educating the market about best practices and new business models, applying solutions through the use of well-structured technologies and processes. He is currently business intelligence at Reamp, managing more than 20 projects.

Pyr Marcondes

Meio & Mensagem Director

Journalist, marketer, consultant and book author. He is currently Director General of ProXXIma Group, from M & M's Group, an integrated platform composed of a quarterly magazine, a portal about hardware news and an annual event. He is also General Manager of the M&M Group consulting unit.

Caio Ferro

Reamp COO

He has 10 years of experience in online media market. He founded 2ACTION and Mindigitall, companies that specialize in consulting services for the implementation and operation of audience management, business intelligence and media purchasing tools. Today, as managing partner of operations at Reamp, Caio aims to optimize work processes in various departments and to increase analytical capacity in delivering products and services offered by the company.


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