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LGPD’s Impacts and Challenges

  • _Concept and background
  • _What is General Data Protection Law (LGPD) in Brazil
  • _Treatment and categories of data
  • _Rights of Access, portability, correction and limitation
  • _Impact Assessment Report
  • _Sanctions for non conformities
  • _Compliance recommendations


  • _Technology overview in the new age
  • _AdServer: understand all steps to stand out
  • _DCO and how to make the best deliveries for your audiences
  • _Target/content verification
  • _AdFraud and brand safety because you can't live without it
HandsON and tools
  • _CM Google AdServer/li>
  • _RMC
  • _Data Studio
  • _Moat
  • _Kantar
  • _Integral adscience
  • _ForenseIQ
  • _Nielsen

Digital planning and strategy

  • _The importance of digital strategy
  • _How to create a social media strategy
  • _Journey, personas and target audience
  • _Digital strategy methodology
  • _How to use insights in your digital strategy
  • _Media Plan Strategy
HandsON and tools
  • _Intensive learning: Design your digital strategy with script and methodology

Business intelligence digital analytics


  • _Digital analytics: the importance of measurement and insights
  • _Web analytics: do it without moderation
  • _App analytics: analyzing application data
  • _Social analytics: because media also bring results
  • _CRM and tests

HandsON and tools

  • _Adobe analytics
  • _Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360
  • _Facebook analytics
  • _Twitter
  • _LinkedIn
  • _Hotjar
  • _Stilingue
  • _Optimize
  • _Data Studio
  • _Among others


  • _Reporting: Best Practices and Technical Introduction
  • _Production and base management
  • _Automation and dashboards
  • _Visualization techniques
  • _Analysis of data and insights
  • _Assignment
HandsON and tools
  • _BigQuery
  • _Data transfer
  • _Supermetric
  • _PowerBI
  • _Datahub: Data Centralization and Insights

Programmatic media and audience

  • _Definitively understand the programmatic media ecosystem
  • _DSP and AdExchange
  • _Google Ads far beyond search
  • _Search automation
  • _Retargeters and affiliates

HandsON and tools

  • _DV 360
  • _MediaMath
  • _Oath
  • _Google Ads
  • _Search Ads 360
  • _Marin
  • _Kenshoo
  • _GDN

Social ads

  • _Social networks as media channels
  • _Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • _Twitter Ads: it hasn’t died
  • _LinkedIn Ads: it's not only about resumes, it's about business

Audience management

  • _DMP and data providers introduction
  • _DMP: how it works
  • _Data providers: how it works
HandsON and tools
  • _BlueKai
  • _AAM
  • _Tail
  • _Krux
  • _Navegg
  • _Serasa
  • _Boa Vista
  • _DSP marketplaces

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