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Analytics & DMP
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Check all your possibilities with a unified solution.

Reamp has a complete Media solution offer, from AdServer and RichMedia to Media Attribution, real time Dashboards, Complex BI, DCO and DMP Analysis. All that in our own platform, integrated to the main market tools and assistance from a specialized team of over 50 professionals that speak your language, understand your challenges and are near you.



Analytics & DMP

A large platform for a big volume of data that allows you to collect, organize, aggregate and explore media data for activation through marketing actions, such as marketing e-mail, purchase, segmentation and media target delivery. You may also customize content in your own environment, as well as the whole media ecosystem.

Rich Media & DCO

Generates and serves dynamic ads in display format, realtime, according to whom visualised the banner. This technology consumes realtime information from various sources and supports elements, filters and several business rules, always exhibiting the advertisement that is most likely to turn into a lead. Templates can be created in javascript, flash or HTML5.


Media Planning

A task that comes before any AdServers operation, its processes influence even the BI area work that can be done during the campaign closing. Imagine how much time could be saved if all of that was integrated, from media planning to AdServer insertion and dashboard/BI reports creation.


Have you ever imagined being able to use a huge quantity of data that contains hundreds of dimensions about your audience so you can take decisions, build your media plan with an intelligent system, run your campaign in a reliable and fast AdServer, getting realtime metrics with customizable dashboards? The AdServer is the main focus in our technology, a modern product that consists of cutting edge technology in BigData, Data Visualization and critical mission services.





A media team has several responsibilities and tasks to perform before, during and after airing its campaigns. Some operational activities can require a lot of time and energy from your team. So why not leave the hard work to us? Commit to activities that really require your attention and leave the rest to us!
ReAmp provides highly qualified professionals to daily adOperation activities and campaigns in general.


• Campaign content validation (per Insertion Request, Whole Campaign Description, Creatives)
• Campaign creation using the AdServer tool
• Checkout before sending it to publishers.
• Delivery optimization
• Daily UxO (under and over) reports
• Weekly or daily delivery follow-up between AdServer x Publisher (discrepancy)
• 24/7 support


Business Intelligence

With a significant increase in internet usage around the world, digital marketing has evolved and expanded its reach rapidly. This market is growing and the possibilities to explore it follow the same pace.
Due to an online multichannel environment, today, there is almost infinite data available. Collecting and analyzing data that is relevant to your business and using it during decision making is becoming more common among big companies and it’s necessary for their marketing strategies. Nevertheless, even though it is efficient, the “data driven decisions” model is becoming ever more complex demanding more and more knowledge and expertise.
Planning and running a digital strategy is not a simple task, specially when you need to worry about operating tools, finding and extracting all data to analyze, gather insight from these data, generate reports and several other activities involved on planning and decision making in a company or agency.

We at ReAmp know that and that’s why we offer all necessary input so you can worry about what matters the most: your business.





Today we offer services such as:

• Tag Management, Gathering, Organization and Data Integration
Guidance and Implementation
• Platform guidance and implementation
• Media, Social, Search and Display Conversion Reporting
• Data Visualization in Realtime Dashboard customized freely according to business rules and main KPIs
• Strategic Consultancy and Business Analysis
• Technical and Analytical Training
• Media Attribution Model
• Competitive and Market Intelligence
• Branding and Performance Media
• A/B and Multivariable Performance Testing on Media and Analytics
• Audience History Data Management
• Digital Marketing Automation
• Workshops
• R&D in AdServer, DCO, DMP, DSP
• Custom solutions development


About the company

Reamp is a Brazilian Marketing Services company that has been in the market for the past 5 years/since 2010 bringing new technology and usability in the media area. It’s the first Latin American company to offer a full package of services and technology.

With a modern background and a startup mentality, Reamp came forth with unique solutions to a highly competitive market that has been going through drastic changes with realtime bidding, data centric media planning and dynamic creative optimization. Keeping an eye on these innovations that have already impacted the american scenario, Reamp brought to Brazil and Latin America the intelligence and the technological apparatus needed by advertisers to be prepared for this new scenario.

We’re a natively technological company that focus in innovating using Data Visualization, artificial intelligence Automation and integration with media strategy, through our own technology and market.



 CEO and co-founder of Reamp and several other business in the technology and digital media area.




 CTO and co-founder of Reamp, BigData and search engines specialist and instructor. With over 10 years of experience in various technologies he has gone through companies such as IBM, Abril and Tata.


Team Members

Our team

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Our team relies on more than 50 professionals, ninjas prepared to chop any challenge and revolutionize the digital media market. Do you wanna join us? Send us your resumé to




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